Mobile internet advertisement identification specification will be released soon

In mobile Internet advertising activities, the logo is the basis of advertising operation, serving to identify the authenticity of traffic, verify the accuracy of advertising, and combat data fraud and other cheating behaviors. It is also the settlement basis for advertisers to place advertisements.

Double Eleven is still on the way, Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya are fighting like this, are you ready?

Taobao has revised its version to prepare for a rainy day, and the live broadcast on the head has reached a new high. The popularity of Double Eleven this year far exceeds that of last year, and it seems to bear more retaliatory consumption brought about by the post-epidemic era.


Overview of launching in September; the release of the country's first live broadcast e-commerce standard; Tencent's advertising DMP upgrade to provide full-link data services; access to advanced new gameplay: multiple combinations of information flow joint investment.