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Recruitment position: advertising business manager(strong sales)
Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the expansion, maintenance and improvement of Internet advertising demand-side platforms (DSP, SSP, ADX) and brand or effect customers, and do a good job in the relationship between middle and high-level customers.
2. Analyze customer needs and facilitate cooperation.
3. Complete quarterly tasks.

job requirements

1. Full-time undergraduate degree, major in marketing or computer related;
2. Have more than 2 years of work experience, experience in SSP, ADX, DSP and other platforms is preferred;
3. Have deep industry customer resources, be good at customer relationship management, and promote project implementation;
4. Diligent and dedicated, strong pressure resistance, cheerful personality, good judgment and strong communication skills;
5. Have a strong market expansion ability, be suitable for irregular business trips, and be able to withstand greater work pressure;
6. Proficiency in Excel data analysis, PPT production, etc.

Recruitment position: Advertisement Optimizer
Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the optimization of the company's advertising, and formulate different product launch strategies according to product characteristics.
2. Track and analyze advertising delivery data, adjust the delivery strategy, and maximize the delivery effect.
3. Communicate with designers on material production, and provide designers with material design directions.
4. Maintain good communication with products and technologies, put forward improvement and optimization suggestions for the delivery work, promote the optimization of products and advertising background, and improve the effect and work efficiency.
5. Daily advertising data analysis and summary.

job requirements

1. Familiar with Internet advertising, familiar with advertising platforms such as Guangdiantong and Toutiao, and have independent operation experience.
2. Clear thinking, strong data sensitivity and analysis ability, able to analyze and solve problems independently.
3. Good communication and coordination skills, able to coordinate multi-departmental collaboration, and have a certain ability to resist pressure.