Our Mission

Focus on traffic monetization services to help advertisers find real users

For Advertiser

The intelligent mobile marketing platform accurately reaches users and covers 800 million+ active users of the head application. Clear user portraits...
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For Publisher

Focus on traffic monetization Various forms of advertising, such as opening screen, information flow, interstitial screen, incentive video, banner, various mainstream...
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Our advantage

Accurate user targeting capabilities, high-quality vertical media resources and real-time data reports to achieve a win-win situation for advertisers and media.


Cooperation with 5200 APPs


Daily requests up to 10 billion


Covering 4 billion unique devices worldwide

Provide an overall solution for online marketing and mobile media monetization

Intelligent Algorithm

Intelligent delivery based on big data and matching user behavior

data transparency

Real-time data, developers can watch data dynamics at any time

Easy to operate

Self-registration, the fastest development docking platform is 1 hour

AdTalos has multi-industry advertising resources
At present, more than 50 high-quality DSPs have been served
More than 1000 advertisers
Help traffic owners to realize sustainable profit through benign bidding of advertisements

Monetization partner

Adtalos cooperates with thousands of well-known APPs at home and abroad
High-quality monetization partner——WPS
The WPS mobile terminal market share is 98%, and it was selected as the annual efficient office APP by Internet Weekly.
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High-quality monetization partner - Mango TV
Xinyi Internet overcomes obstacles, and Mango Terrace rides the wind and waves
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High-quality monetization partner - Himalaya
Himalaya has more than 600 million mobile phone users, and it is the leading platform for audio knowledge payment.
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A new perspective on digital advertising

Partner evaluation

The Xinyi Internet team has many years of experience in the development and operation of mobile Internet programmatic advertising platforms, with a wide range of media coverage, helping our advertising business to grow steadily, and is our most reliable partner.

Li HuaizhuangChairman of Kid Technology

Xinyi Internet is a close partner of AdMate, the media advertising SaaS service of Meishu. It has high-quality advertisers and high-level delivery optimization. Many media of Meishu have benefited from the cooperation between AdMate and Xinyi Internet.

van angCEO of Shanghai Meishu Advertising Co., Ltd.