Go to Hulunbeier with friends from Xinyi Internet to cure your internal friction

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In September of the golden autumn, the friends of Xinyi Internet went to the Hulun Buir Grassland. This team building perfectly fulfilled the slogan of this trip: "Tear the meat with your hands, eat roasted whole lamb, and enjoy the prairie".

The trip to Hulunbeier left behind stories along the way, and the thinking week on the grassland cured internal friction and strengthened our direction of progress.


The first stop of the grassland trip was Hailar. After flying from Beijing to Hailar, we drove to Erguna at the airport.
From Hailar to Erguna, we have to pass through the hinterland of the Hulunbuir Grassland.

Pastures, yurts, cattle, horses and sheep, as far as the eye can see, are all the same scene of "Windows Desktop".

In the afternoon, we enjoyed the meandering scenery of the Mozhgrad River in the hinterland of the Hulun Buir Grassland. Because of the twists and turns of the river, it looks like a giant dragon lying on the grassland, and it turns nine times, which is very rare. It was praised by Lao She as "the first curved water in the world".

We had fun on the grassland, had close contact with cows, horses and sheep, and played a game of stepping on balloons that combined fun and physical exercise on the grassland.

Two groups have been eliminated, champion and runner-up PK

The eliminated team was punished, boys hugged girls, stood on the washboard and squatted.

The hero, please pay attention to your expression

It’s not a big deal for people who eat melons to watch the excitement

In the evening we visited Russian families, listened to the accordion, listened to Russian songs, ate Leba, and bumped Easter eggs. After rounds of fierce collisions, Haiyue finally PKed Wangzai and won the Easter Egg Contest champion. According to local customs, the Easter Egg Champion makes a wish, which will surely come true in the coming year.

Her wish is that the company's business will flourish and everyone will make money together. As expected of the company's finances, such a simple wish has been unanimously praised by everyone.


We set off from Erguna to the birch forest scenic spot, which is the only pure birch forest natural landscape in Hulunbeier, Daxing'an Mountains. Legend has it that when Genghis Khan's thousands of troops passed by here, they thought it was the embodiment of auspiciousness, and they stopped here to rest and set up camp. We boarded the highest viewing platform and stopped to rest in this auspicious birch forest. Standing on the viewing platform and looking down, you can have a panoramic view of the mountains, the vast expanse of forest and sea, and the spiritual internal friction is swept away.

In the afternoon, we played the long-awaited game of hitting people and ballooning cups.

It was gentle at first, but gradually became unbearable.

Na is always the undisputed champion of the girls' group. She is like a female general rushing to the battlefield, holding a stick to charge up, and swinging round to strike hard. The stick made of foam has the momentum of Mongolian wrestling, which makes people tremble.

The champion of male students belongs to Yunkai , Beat up the boss without mercy, showing fearless courage

People who eat melons: It’s unbelievable, there are really brave (lie) warriors who beat the boss

Seeing someone dare to hit the boss, everyone laughed happily

someone clapped their hands

Some people's actions are slightly exaggerated

It seems that the world has been suffering for a long time, and it is so cured. Sacrificing Yunkai alone has greatly cured our internal friction. After the team building, if Yunkai is still in the company, we decided to collectively invite him to eat beef noodles, with double servings of beef.


The most authentic prairie game is to ride a horse on the prairie like the locals. The knights of Xinyilian rode through the grasslands, forests, and wetlands, each of which looked heroic.

In addition to horse riding, we also experienced the wild prairie karting. The ultimate experience of speed on the grassland cannot be left behind.

When you come to the grassland, you must experience the daily life of the grassland Mongolians and understand the pure herdsman culture here. In the evening, we visited herdsmen’s families, took photos in Mongolian costumes, milked cows, fed lambs, archery, and prairie train, and experienced the feeling of being a Mongolian on the grassland.

When you come to the grassland, in addition to playing, of course you also have to eat. In the evening, stay in a yurt, chat with each other, watch Mongolian song and dance performances, and taste a feast of roasted whole lamb.

Perfectly practiced the slogan on our banner - "Tear your hands, eat the meat and roast the whole lamb, and turn over the prairie"

Xiaofeng, a Russian guide who is more than 1.9 meters tall, said: "I have brought so many balls, and I have never seen one that is more edible than you."


The highway runs along Erguna. The Erguna River is the border river between China and Russia. It winds across the grassland like a blue ribbon in the wetland. We are on the right bank of the Erguna River, walking along the most beautiful road in the grassland.

In autumn, the forests along the Erguna River all turn red and yellow, and the blue river meanders, like a shining hada, fluttering in the northeast of the territory of China. Xing'an Mountains.

There is a viewing platform on the Wulan Mountain beside the Ergun River. From here, the bend of the Erguna River looks like a Tai Chi picture. Here we slide on the grass, take the cableway, and punch the net red swing...

In early autumn, the herdsmen bundle the harvested pasture into large rolls, and each of them is neatly scattered on the grassland and scattered among the mountainsides. On the endless grassland, the golden pastures are surging with the wind, and the rolled haystacks are scattered everywhere, dotted with stars, echoing the clouds in the blue sky, rendering the indescribable beauty of autumn.

Use your imagination, take pictures with grass mounds at close range, and create your own ideas.

In addition to playing on the grassland, the friends formed various bureaus.

Werewolf killing, Texas hold'em, staring eyes, all the way down, all kinds of games, all kinds of joy. After the team building is over, and you return to the imperial capital from the grassland, under the huge gap, if you are still a little bit lost or have internal friction, the circle of friends of the veteran cadres will heal you again.

best way of life,Running on the ideal road with a group of like-minded people

There is a story all the way back,Bow your head with firm footsteps,Looking up, there is a clear distance

All the way forward, the future can be expected!

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